• Image of JASON ACHILLES 2019 "Satellite" T

You have a choice of "regular" T-shirt (solo)...or "DELUXE" which is T-shirt **PLUS** a copy of my new "DiscØ EP" currently available only at the shows for ONLY $2 MORE!!! WTF!!

PLEASE MAKE **SURE** TO INDICATE SIZE AND SEX OF SHIRTS!!! This is important, folks. Men's (S,M,L,XL,2X,3X) and women's (S,M,L) cut available.

Belle and Canvas fabric, super comfortable fitted T-shirts.

These are for domestic orders only, please. Overseas contact me directly for pricing on shipping. If you are ordering more than one shirt, but want the "DELUXE" cd package, just indicate "Deluxe" on the first order and the rest as "Regular". We'll work it out. Any questions please email me at [email protected]